Gear we hire

We hire a variety of essential items for your hike. Prices shown in the table mean the total cost to hire for upto 3 days.  See below:

Hire Gear 1 – 3 Days
NZ $ (inc. GST)
Backpack with Plastic Liner (up to 50 litres) 50
Backpack with Plastic Liner (55 to 75 litres) 60
Foam Sleeping Mat / Bed Roll 10
Leki Hiking Pole (single) 20
Sleeping Bag with Cotton Liner 50
Raincoat 40
Rainpants 35
Gaiters 35
Pot 10
Bowl / Mug / Cutlery 5
Cooker (this is without gas – buy gas separately) 15
Hire Booking Form
Hire Booking Form

If you need items for more than 3 days let us know via our contact form.

We sell fuel (see: Buy: Outdoor Gear). For fuel / gas orders, please also read the information on our FAQ’s.

Please note: due to our administration and overhead costs in processing hires – whether online or in person (i.e. when you visit our shop), your minimum order must be no less than $50.  This means the total value of what you plan to buy and hire must be no less than $50.00.

If you only want to buy things and not hire for less than $50 you are advised to visit our shop during opening hours.

We are a small business and need to be sustainable.  We are unable to just operate for low value hires!  We have alot of outdoor items including freeze dry food that can be purchased.

Please fill out our online booking form for all hires (including things you want to buy) valued at minimum $50 or above.

We are a small business with limited staffing. During the peak season we can be extremely busy, during the off-season (May to September) the shop will not open all day long and some days it may be closed to give staff time off.  You are strongly advised to pre-book hire and purchases valued at minimum $50.00.

Things we do not hire:

Due to limited resources and / or limited demand we currently do not hire the following:

  • Tents – we only sell tents and flys
  • Boots – we do not hire or sell boots.
  • Diving Gear e.g. wetsuit, masks, fins, snorkels, dive belts – we only sell masks, fins,  snorkels, dive booties and dive gloves.
  • Fishing Gear – we only sell fishing gear.
  • Dinghy and lifejackets – we do not hire or sell these items.

Also note, our pots and cookers are only suitable for hikers – they are lightweight and easy to carry. They are not heavy duty items for hunters.