Gear we hire

We hire a variety of essential items for your hike. See below:

Hire Gear 1 – 3 Days
NZ $ (inc. GST)
Backpack with Plastic Liner 40
Pack Cover 12
Foam Sleeping Mat / Bed Roll 10
Leki Hiking Pole (single) 15
Sleeping Bag with Cotton Liner 40
Raincoat 35
Rainpants 30
Gaiters 30
Pot 10
Bowl / Mug / Cutlery 5
Cooker 15

If you need items for more than 3 days let us know via our contact form.

We sell fuel (see: Buy: Outdoor Gear)

Please fill out our online booking form for all hires.

Things we do not hire:

Due to limited resources and / or limited demand we currently do not hire the following:

  • Tents – we only sell tents and flys
  • Boots – we do not hire or sell boots.
  • Diving Gear e.g. wetsuit, masks, fins, snorkels, dive belts – we only sell masks, fins and snorkels.
  • Fishing Gear – we only sell fishing gear.
  • Dinghy and lifejackets – we do not hire or sell these items.