What are your opening hours?

We’re open 7 days a week from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Are you open all year round?

We are open daily over the period September to May.
We work reduced hours during June to August.
As we are a small business with limited staff, we need to ensure we get a break – usually sometime in winter. Our Contact page is regularly updated for opening / closing times.

We can’t bring fuel on the plane - do you sell fuel?

Yes we sell Gasmate and Kovea screw on gas canisters in 3 sizes:

  • 110 g
  • 230 g
  • 450 g

We can only keep a limited range of different types of fuels. If we do not have the exact type of fuel you require, you can also hire cookers from us.

Do you have enough fuel or should we pre-order?

We generally ask visitors to pre-book for total orders valued at $40 or above, especially during the busy season and for groups that may require several items. Due to high administration costs, we do not process any pre-booked online orders valued at less than $40.  Also due to limited staffing, please avoid calling us to ask if we have enough gas.  We will let you know on the Buy page of this website.  Thank you for your understanding.

Pre-order Booking Form

Can I hire fishing gear?

Sorry we do not hire fishing gear. However, we sell a wide range of fishing equipment including extendable rods and hand lines suitable for different budgets.

Do you hire wetsuits?

Sorry due to low levels of requests, we do not hire wetsuits and currently understand no other business offers wetsuit hires.

Do you hire snorkels / fins / masks?

Sorry due to the low level of requests and hygiene and cleaning requirements we do not hire snorkelling gear. We sell snorkelling gear.

Do you hire dinghies and outboard motors?

Sorry, we do not hire dinghies or outboard motors.

Do you hire life vests?

Sorry we do not hire life vests.

Do you hire locator beacons?

We do not hire locator beacons. They are available at the Department of Conservation Office in Stewart Island.

How do we get to the start of the Rakiura Great Walk?

You can walk to and from the start and end of the track.  From Oban to Lee Bay for Port William Hut is only a 1.25 hour walk along the coastal road  (it is only 8 kms, a 3 hour walk from Lee Bay to Port William). It is only a 20 minute walk from the Fern Gully Road end to Oban (It is only 11 kms, a 4 hour walk from North Arm to Fern Gully Road end). Alternatively you can try to find a taxi or shuttle.  Ruggedy Range is no longer offering shuttles.

Is there a regular shuttle to the start of the Rakiura Great Walk?

The Ruggedy Range Wilderness Experience track shuttle works on bookings basis rather than a regular schedule as demand tends to be irregular and for varied times. To make a booking see: www.ruggedyrange.com

What is the best time to visit Stewart Island?

Most people visit Stewart Island in spring, summer and autumn. Our peak months are late October to April. Some people like to travel in off-peak months when there are fewer people about.

Some things to consider:

  • Birds are active all year round, but spring and early summer are good months.
  • Flowers and orchids tend to be more prevalent in spring and summer, one orchid flowers in autumn.
  • Days are getting longer from spring and warming up too. In winter days are shorter, and it can be cooler. However, we also can get cooler weather anytime of the year.
  • Some operators do not work in the off-season. There may be fewer options of things to do in the off-season. We operate most of the off-season, subject to feasible numbers, but will also have some weeks where we do not operate (to take a rest or carry out maintenance work). Prior bookings are recommended for our tours and services, especially in the off-season.
  • Spring and autumn can have windy days, some winter months can have settled weather. Our weather, however, is extremely changeable and there are no hard and fast rules.
  • Flights and ferry schedules operate daily all year round and on a winter timetable in the off-season.
  • You can eat out or buy food to cook, anytime of the year. Only one restaurant is open during the winter.

How can we get to Stewart Island?

There are daily scheduled fixed-wing flights between Invercargill Airport and Stewart Island or you can travel by ferry between Bluff to Stewart Island. Helicopters can also be chartered at cost.

What is the best way to travel to Stewart Island?

Some things to consider:

  • You may want to maximise your time in Stewart Island. Consider how much time you want to take up in travelling and how the flight or ferry timetable fits in with your schedules.
  • Flights only take about 15 – 20 minutes, the ferry takes 1 hour.
  • The plane and ferry travel in most weather.
  • Flying provides a spectacular overview of Stewart Island’s northeast coast, our village and surrounding bays, as well our stunning Paterson Inlet.
  • Ferry is enjoyed by people who like being on the water or are trying to spot some seabirds.

Where can we stay in Stewart Island?

  • There is a wide selection of accommodation venues in Stewart Island:
    • Campsite
    • Backpackers
    • Hotel
    • Motels
    • Apartments
    • Holiday Houses
  • Accommodation is available all year round. Some venues may close during part of the off-season.
  • During peak months (e.g. public holidays / school holidays) some accommodation can be booked out months in advance.
  • Accommodation is available in the centre of Oban within 5 minutes of all the facilities and within the village surrounds (up to 30 minutes to 1 hour walking distance).
  • A large number of places provide courtesy vehicles if the accommodation is not within easy walking distance.

Where can we eat in Stewart Island?

Stewart Island has a restaurant, takeaways and cafe. The grocery store sells a wide range of food including chilled or frozen meals.

Fewer places operate during off-season / winter months.