We stock Back Country Cuisine freeze dry food.

Our range includes: breakfast, desserts, soups, gluten free and vegetarian along with delicious meat and pasta meals.

Back Country Cuisine is New Zealand owned and made locally in Invercargill.

We recommend prior bookings for freeze dry food so we can order this in before you visit Stewart Island. 

Back Country Cuisine


BREAKFAST Porridge Supreme 90g $8
175g $13
Yoghurt & Muesli 90g $8.50
175g $13
Wheatflakes & Fruit Salad 90g $8.50
175g $13
Cooked Breakfast 90g $11
175g $16
Easy Cook Scrambled Egg 160g $15
SOUP Malaysian Chicken 60g $7
Creamy Mushroom & Potato 60g $7
MAIN MEALS 1 Serve 90g 2 Serves 175g
Beef Roast Beef & Vegetables
Beef Teriyaki
Beef & Pasta Hot Pot
Beef Stroganoff
Classic Beef Curry
Spaghetti Bolognaise
$10 $15 – $17
Lamb Roast Lamb & Vegetables
Lamb Fettuccine
Lamb Stir Fry
Sweet & Sour Lamb
Moroccan Lamb
Cottage Pie
$10 $15 – $17
Chicken Honey Soy Chicken
Mexican Chicken
Thai Chicken Curry
Chicken Tomato Alfredo
Roast Chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
$10 $15 – $17
Other Meat Hearty Venison Casserole
Venison Risotto
Jamaican Goat Curry
$10 $15 – $17
Fish Smoked Fish Pie $10 $15 – $17
Vegetarian Vegetable Stir Fry
Pasta Vegetariano Curry
Malaysian Vegetable Curry
Nasi Goreng
Mushroom Bolognaise
$10 $15 – $17
Extras Mash Potato 160g $5.50
Instant Rice 160g $5.50
Chicken Dices 100g $15
Beef Mince 160g $15
Instant Mixed Vegetables 90g $11
DESSERTS Apple & Berry Crumble
Apple Pie
Apricot Crumble
Carrot Cake & Custard
Chocolate Brownie Pudding
Strawberry Ambrosia Dessert
150g $14.50
SMOOTHIES Banana Smoothie 85g $5
Berry Smoothie 85g $5
Iced Mocha Smoothie 85g $5

The Outdoor Gourmet Company


MEALS Butter Chicken
Mediterranean Lamb & Black Olives
Mushroom & Lamb Risotto
Tandoori Chicken with a Creamy Yoghurt Sauce
Thai Green Chicken Curry
190g $19