Outdoor gear was first hired by us during the 2000 / 2001 season.  Initially to support the guiding operations of Ruggedy Range Wilderness Experience, but also to support independent hikers to allow them to discover and enjoy Stewart Island’s fabulous walking tracks.

Over time the Stewart Island Outdoor Adventure & Gift Shop has developed its own identity and been given its own logo.  We have constantly increased our stock of outdoor items we hire and sell including safety items, focussing on quality brands and where possible supporting New Zealand made products.

In more recent years we have added fishing and snorkelling gear to widen the range of outdoor activities available to visitors whilst in Stewart Island.

We are keen to extend our range of gifts – good things take time!

Over the years we have been thrilled to receive direct positive feedback about the items we stock and the enjoyment visitors have been able to experience in the outdoors.

Ensuring our customers are well equipped, comfortable and safe is a priority for us.

You will be surprised how much we stock.  When you visit Stewart Island, please come and see us or you can pre-order items.



Stewart Island Outdoor Adventure & Gift Shop is owned and operated by Ruggedy Range Wilderness Experience, a small, independent, local, owner / operated nature tourism business.

Furhana started Ruggedy Range Wilderness Experience in 2000 and has been guiding nature tours since 2000. In 2007 a custom build boat was added to the business and Aihe Wildlife Cruises & Water Taxi starting operating.

Furhana was born in Kenya, educated in England and Wales, gaining a BSc. Hons. Geography degree.  She is passionate about Stewart Island’s outdoor and keen to share it through her guiding work but also by developing and operating the Stewart Island Outdoor Adventure & Gift Shop for both guided and independent hikers.